Physical Therapy

Preventative and Rehabilative Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important aspect of healthcare that focuses on preventing and managing musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, and disabilities. It involves various techniques such as exercise, manual therapy, and education to improve mobility, function, and quality of life.

Whether you’re an older adult looking to maintain your independence, an athlete recovering from an injury, or an individual who has suffered an on-the-job injury or litigation-related injury, physical therapy can help you achieve your goals.


How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Well-Being

If you have a medical issue or any other health-related condition that causes you pain, limit your performance, or your ability to move freely, call our professionals now.

Our physical therapists evaluate patients, diagnose conditions and develop a complete management plant using treatment techniques that promote pain reduction, mobility, function restoration, and disability prevention.


Physical Therapists Dedicated To Your Health

Whether your condition is orthopedic or neurological, new or old, we will work to heal your injury and improve your lifestyle by using state-of-the-art rehabilitation and fitness equipment.


One-on-One Service

At Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center, every patient is treated by a certified and experienced physical therapist – never an assistant, aide, or student. Each visit is conducted in a comfortable, private room, where you can ask as many questions as you need.


After the Treatment

Once your physical therapy is complete, our professionals will provide with simple programs you can follow at home or at our wellness center to continue improving your quality of life.

Our treatment plans are designed depending on each individual patient and diagnosis. Through our 1-hour initial evaluation, your therapist will guide you through a customized treatment plan and answer your questions.

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How Physical Therapy Can Help

Older adults often experience age-related changes such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and decreased mobility. Physical therapy can help maintain or improve strength, balance, and flexibility, preventing falls and improving overall function.
Sports injuries require specialized care to ensure athletes can return to the game as quickly and safely as possible. Physical therapy can help manage pain, reduce inflammation, and improve strength and flexibility to promote healing and prevent further injury.
On-the-job injuries can be debilitating and prevent individuals from returning to work. Physical therapy can help manage pain, improve strength, and promote healing to get individuals back to work as quickly and safely as possible.
In litigation and lawsuits, physical therapy can be an important part of recovery for individuals who have suffered injuries from car accidents, slip-and-falls, or other incidents. Physical therapy can help manage pain, restore function, and improve quality of life.

Do you know what irregularities are causing pain in your body? At Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness Care, we are dedicated to teaching our patients how to perform “blueprint” exercises to strengthen and correct their bodies and improve their lifestyle.

Stretch the “Right” Way

Corrective exercises can be performed right in the comfort of your home and will aid your spinal correction plan and chiropractic care.

You may not know it, but connective tissues and muscles may be out of place, causing skeletal misalignment and other pains such as back, neck, and headaches caused by muscles and tissues being improperly used causing injuries.

Our professionals are happy to teach you exercises and stretch techniques to achieve overall balance and health in your body.

We take the time to “coach” patients, helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The goal of combining top-notch chiropractic care with helpful, personalized information for our patients helps to achieve a more fulfilling and happy lifestyle.

As professionals, it is our responsibility to share our wisdom to help others reach absolute well-being.

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