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To compliment other high-quality chiropractic services, our massage therapists in our Wayne, NJ office provide unparalleled care with the following massage types:

  • Hot stone
  • Deep tissue
  • Swedish massage
  • Prenatal modality
  • Reflexology to aid in weight loss (Wayne clinic)

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Types Of Massage

This massage style targets deeper muscle layers and connective tissues.

The slow, deep strokes combined with friction techniques will help release toxins, loosen tightness, facilitate healing and injury recovery.

Deep tissue massages can help you correct poor posture issues and boos sports performance. Although it may cause some short-term soreness, this massage style will effect in deep healing and long term results.

One of the most common massage styles in the U.S consists of a gentle technique involving long, smooth, strokes combined with circular kneading on the muscles’ superficial layers.

Most patients find this massage style relaxing due to the combination of movements, lotions, and oils.

Even if it may be referred to as “foot massage”, it is far more than just that. It involves the application of specific, targeted pressure points on the foot that correspond to specific systems and organs in the body.

Reflexology helps restore harmony and balance throughout your system, and is quite relaxing as well!

Very popular amongst expectant mothers, prenatal massages involve the use of gentle, yet specific movements ensuring both mother and baby remain safe and healthy.

Prenatal massage benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the entire body
  • Reduces physical pains
  • Reduces depression and/or anxiety

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Note: In addition to the aforementioned massage styles our Wayne, NJ chiropractor offers support for nutritional goals and weight loss. To inquire, contact one of our professionals at Back to Health Wellness Center.


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