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Making Work A Little Less Painful: 3 Proven Pain Relief Methods

Who said working a 9-to-5 job would be easy? At the very least, it shouldn’t be painful, right?

Professionals with stationary desk jobs have proven to be just as prone to back and neck injuries as those performing labor-intensive work. The good news is you can revamp your desk life and routine to reduce your back and neck pain. Here are three easy ways to make the daily tasks of your job a little less painless (despite the broken copier machine or overbearing boss)!


Once you’ve had your coffee, it’s easy to get laser focused and plow through an hour’s worth of work. Before you know it, you’ve barely moved for quite some time. In fact, on average, most Americans sit for a total of twelve hours a day. Extended sitting can lead to stiff muscles and muscular tension.

Use your phone to set stretching alarms once an hour. They’ll serve as a gentle reminder that it’s time to get your blood flowing. Here are some easy stretches and exercises to try:

  • Walk: If the weather permits, walk a few laps outside, around the building.
  • Side Stretch: Reach your arms up over your head, and lean side to side.
  • Neck Rolls: Roll your neck in both directions for 1-2 minutes each way.
  • Neck Stretch: Use your hand to press and hold your neck to your shoulder, deepening the stretch on each side.
  • Back Stretch: Place both hands on your lower back, fingers facing downward, and arch your back for a gentle trunk stretch.


Sitting at your computer, do you have to look downward toward your monitor? On the flipside, is your seat too low, causing you to strain upward? To reduce neck pain, adjust your chair height, so that your eyes are looking straight forward at your computer.

Using a laptop with an additional monitor can bring its own slew of problems. The most common desk setup is an off-centered monitor with a laptop centered with the worker. The configuration of your laptop and second screen can cause you to crank your neck sideways, causing constant discomfort. Consider putting the monitor squarely in front of your chair with the laptop to the side, so you use the larger screen more often and turn your head less often.


Standing desks, or active workstations, have become quite the norm for organizations today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that standing desks not only reduced professionals’ back and neck pain by 54% percent, but it also lightened their mood. If your company does not offer standing desks, find a high countertop that’s suitable and comfortable. Who would have thought that standing could make you happier at work?!


Although these steps can lead to less pain at work, they may not be enough. If you’ve taken multiple measures to improve your neck and back pain, but still find yourself suffering, come in for a chiropractic evaluation. At Back To Health Wellness Care, we offer multiple solutions to ensure that your workday is less painful than it has to be. And, we know that you’ll work more efficiently, making your co-workers and managers happy! Call us at (973) 595-1809 or visit our website at www.back2healthtoday.com to schedule an appointment.

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