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If you are a truck or large vehicle driver and require a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), have your DOT exam done to drive legally in the NY and NJ areas.


Quick and Hassle-Free DOT Exams

We can efficiently help you take care of your DOT exam through a painless, hassle-free, and convenient examination done by our professionals.



CDL-DOT Exam Requirements

Throughout a DOT exam, the main areas being tested are sensory ability and blood levels. These are crucial measures to ensure safe driving and your ability to respond effectively to emergency situations on the road.

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Things to know

  • Bring relevant documentation regarding health
  • List of medications being taken
  • Avoid caffeine and tobacco should be avoided in the hour if the exams
  • Hearing acuity (must be able to detect a loud whisper at a distance of 5 feet)
  • Overall vision and visual acuity (must be correctable to at least 20/40)
  • Good color vision
  • Urine test to measure your blood levels of glucose, protein, and sugar levels
  • Blood pressure (140/90 maximum)

In the case you are eligible for exemptions for specific testing areas and parameters, our professionals will advise with key recommendations for improving your health moving forward.

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