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Acupuncture: A Relief for Any Season

Acupuncture – used both in ancient and modern medicine – involves strategically placing thin needles into specific places in your body. The needles hit points depending on what kind of relief you are looking for, whether that be stress relief, relaxation, or a specific type of healing from an injury.

With over 1,000 acupuncture points, the practice of acupuncture is said to restore energy, or your qi (chi), and flow in your body. Even that sentence sounds relaxing; imagine the real deal. But does the fear of needles steer you away from acupuncture? Well, even one needle prick can provide relief in more ways than one, and there are benefits for every season.

Aside from being a relaxer, acupuncture can be a critical help to aid nervous system pain, hormone balancing in women, blood pressure, headaches, and so much more, all year long.

Most people experience the yearly struggles of the common cold and flu or seasonal allergies, which leaves you feeling not yourself for a little while. Luckily, if this is something you suffer from annually, acupuncture could be your fix.

You will be booking your appointments as soon as you read the many month-to-month benefits of acupuncture.


Spring often signals a certain freshness. The flowers are blooming; the sun is shining. Yet as we smell the sweet roses, our nose starts to feel a little itchy. The parts of your body that stir up your allergies are the liver and gallbladder reacting to the pollen, wood, and other spring flurries in the air. When your liver and gallbladder are responding, then your energy and flow become confused and blocked. With acupuncture, hitting certain areas provides relief to your liver and gallbladder, allowing for your qi to release nasal pain and blockage, allergy headaches, drowsiness, and other allergen-related symptoms.


In the summer, the days are longer, leaving more time for daily activities. Whether you choose cycling, swimming, long walks, hiking, or road-tripping, your body is going to need recovery from exerting more energy. Acupuncture will decrease the pain caused by inflammation of your used muscles and leave them feeling relaxed and healed.


Aside from Spring, Fall is the other biggest transitional season. We go from outdoors to indoors, hot to cold, which plays a big part in how your body reacts. Winter, the hardest hit for cold and flu is on the way. We have to be prepared and gear up our bodies in the healthiest way. In acupuncture, each season is focused on a different part of the body. For Fall, this organ is your lungs. Building up your lung health gets you ready for the winter months and decreases your chance of common winter sickness such as the flu, cold, or pneumonia. Use acupuncture as a catalyst to have a healthier fall and winter.


During the winter months, your immune system goes down due to the cold and flu season and cold weather. With acupuncture, you can get your immune system back on track because it increases red, white, and T-cell counts in your body.

Not only does it increase your cell count that helps fight off colds and viruses, but it also reduces inflammation and stimulates blood flow. Both of those strengthens your immune system.


Don’t worry, be happy. Acupuncture can seriously improve your mood because of its stress-relieving and relaxation benefits. Unwinding in an acupuncture session opens your energy flow, moving you further away from stress or sadness you may feel due to certain situations.

As acupuncture improves your mood and immune system, your stress levels will begin to lower. All these factors go hand in hand. As your stress decreases, your risk of illness also decreases because the strategic needle placement will slow your body down and help your nervous system heal. Your body begins to rest and restore and will continue to do so throughout the year.


Are you now ready to try acupuncture after learning all the benefits that promote balance and healing in your body? I know I am, but I’m biased. You’ll have to see for yourself!

To learn more about how acupuncture can affect your body specifically, please contact us via email at info@back2healthytoday.com or via phone at (973)-595-1809.

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