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About Our Clinic

At Back to Health Wellness Care, we focus on assisting patients to achieve wellness within. Through treatment, self-care methods and our numerous alternative medicine procedures. In essence, we seek to reduce patients’ illnesses and pains effectively.

When patients visit our center, they feel at home. We work to create a relaxed, familiar, and respectful environment.

After many years at a smaller home-based office, Dr. Roman Kreyman and the Back To Health team felt it was ready to broaden its horizons. The move to a larger mixed-use space has been long in the making. Not only do our new and current patients benefit from the centralized location in Wayne Commons on Hamburg Turnpike, but will have access to affiliated practitioners, making it a one-stop-healthcare spot. 

DR. Roman kreyman, DC

For over 20 years, Dr. Roman Kreyman has focused on treating the patient, and their specific needs. As such, he has earned recognition for his inherent ability to assess each patient’s needs and customize a one-of-a-kind and detailed wellness plan. Don’t take our word for it… Dr. Kreyman has a history of long-term relationships with valued patients like you.


Individual Approach

Why Choose Us

Emergency Help

Our centralized location in Wayne Commons gives our patients access to affiliated practitioners, making it a one-stop-healthcare spot.

Individual Approach

Effective health management requires working at the crossroads of where the mind and body meet.

Personalized Treatment

We focus on the individual and empower our patients to reach the pinnacle of their health by collaborating with our therapists.

Modern Treatment

We're not about just cracking your back! We take a holistic approach to individual care in our state-of-the-art facility.

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Our Main Office

Back To Health Chiropractic & Wellness Care, with offices in Wayne, NJ and Brooklyn, NY, works with individuals to create a “blueprint” for an active and pain-free lifestyle. And, our holistic approach to our patient’s overall well-being has earned us an excellent reputation for outstanding care.

A Comfortable Office

Your home away from home

At Back To Health, our professionals evaluate patients, diagnose conditions, and develop a complete management plan using treatment techniques that promote pain reduction, mobility, function restoration, and disability prevention.
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